About Us

We were founded with a strong desire to combat mediocrity in the repair business.

Since 2013, we took the decision to do something a bit different in the business of repair. We wanted to specifically create a center that would repair principally, all iPhones and other Apple devices.

We wanted to do this by creating a talent pool of experts in their field and bringing them all together into one place.

This talent base would pull together, with their wealth of knowledge about all things smart phone and tablet based, to offer the public the best service available for miles around.

So you, the public, can relax in the knowledge that your iPhone or gadget is in the best possible hands, right from the outset.

The fellowship of expertise we have built up has helped to bring us to the fore of our community, in only a relatively short timescale.

Our repair center has a rigid policy of only using the best and most high quality parts. We will not attempt to repair your device unless our staff have managed to source the right part, from the right supplier. We will not use low grade components or cheap, generic parts.

One of the things that our team of experts have noted about some other repair centers is their tendency to use low quality parts on their repairs. Notably, this has often meant low quality screens being fitted to phones that require something better. And it usually spells disaster for the customer, somewhere later down the line.

This policy has paid us dividends, namely with very few customers needing to use our warranty at all.

When we have repaired your phone or device, the chances are high that it will remain repaired and stay working for a long time to come (as long as you don’t break it again!)