How Does Playing Pokemon Affect Your Phone Battery Life?

We already know that playing games affects your phone – and tablet’s – battery life significantly.

But recently, we decided to look into just how far exactly it can affect the battery life of your iPhone.

It has been found that an iPhone 6s using a brightness level of 80% – even with the other apps on the phone being temporarily turned off – can lose nearly one third of its battery strength. And worse still, this is only when it has been played for an hour!

The actual statistics were 30% of battery life being exterminated by your compulsion to chase Pokemon, in one single solitary hour.

Worse news is to come, if you like your musical accompaniment to game play and are also running Spotify at the same time, then your battery will tank by 34%.

If we want to make a comparison about apps and features that are battery sapping, then just look at using Facebook. Using the social media platform on the phone for an entire hour only used 10% of its battery life.

The phone that was tested was an iPhone 6s. We would assume that older models would fare even worse than this because the older the phone, the less likely that they will have any sort of power saving mode, although the hope would be for new ones to be more efficient.

So, never mind, you might be thinking. I will just charge the battery up more often and there will be no real harm done.

However, constant use on the Pokemon game will inevitably take its toll on your poor old phone – no matter what make and model you have – over time.

But taking the iPhone 6s as our guinea pig, it is supposed to keep 80% of its original, full power, even after it has been charged up five hundred times.

According to the Apple guarantee, any battery performing at lower than 80% after five hundred charges is liable to be replaced by the manufacturer.

But with a hard Pokemon GO habit, this might happen sooner than you think it might.

If, even without your Pokemon fix, you assume you are going to use about three quarters of your battery each day, this works out as it lasting twenty two months to get to 500 cycles.

But what if you play Pokemon for thirty minutes on top of this?

Well, the battery life expectancy plummets to less than eighteen months. Quite possibly whilst the phone is still under contract, in fact!

All told, this means Pokemon kills your battery life by over 15%.

And that is just for a half hour daily usage.

True Pokemon addicts might like to do the math and think on about how their habit will affect their phone’s life!